Want to know where to buy exercise books for schools? From premium quality to cheap A4 exercise books, discover what solution is best for your school.

Exercise books are synonymous with school life, with a rich history dating back to the late 1700s.

Even in today’s digital-savvy society, physical exercise books remain a school staple and an essential part of student development from early years to higher education. But with so many options on the market, what supplier do you choose? From pricing to quality and sustainability issues, read on to discover where your school should source its next delivery of exercise books.

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Cheap exercise books vs premium exercise books

Once again, a common consumer conundrum comes down to the quality-quantity debate. And, of course, receiving more exercise books for cheaper or spending more for quality goes without exception. So, let’s address the advantages and disadvantages of both.

The pros and cons of cheap exercise books

The overriding advantage of cheap exercise books is the economic aspect. Buying cheap will allow your school to receive more. No doubt, a very appealing option when you’re buying in bulk on a tight budget. However, you still pay a price for the lack of quality of material and design. Plus, there’s mass production and sustainability to consider.

Poor quality exercise books result in the likelihood of damage, especially when left in the hands of children. Therefore, a natural consequence requires teachers to replace broken exercise books, adding to the overall amount the school needs and contributing to excessive production.

Although it appears impressive to discover the average tree can produce 8,333 sheets of paper, the fewer trees we destroy, the better news it is for the planet.

Additionally, imports to the UK categorise exercise books with customs procedure code 3705 20 00, officially detailing them as “Unconditional Goods relieved from Customs Duty” and so cheaper exportation from non-EU countries.

Therefore, most cheap exercise books are bought in bulk and shipped from non-EU countries. This process produces negative sustainability impacts and potentially even supports cheap labour depending on manufacturing methods.

All in all, what might be better for our pocket lacks quality and damages the planet.

The pros and cons of premium exercise books

On the other hand, premium exercise books offer better quality, so incur less damage and require less replacing. Naturally, this generally means you don’t have to buy as many, which will save you money in the long run and ensure you minimise your carbon footprint.

As expected, premium exercise books will cost more, but arguably, a better-quality book can help support a child’s development and potentially motivate the child to produce better-quality work.

By giving pupils a good-quality exercise book, they may feel more inclined to reflect the same quality in their work and take better care of it. Keeping the same exercise book throughout the term or year helps the teacher track student development while providing more consistency for the pupil.

However, we understand not all schools have the budget to afford the highest-quality exercise books, especially with the risk of pupils not taking the best care and without a guarantee that premium exercise books may still require replacing.

Lastly, just because a premium exercise book is of good quality, doesn’t mean it won’t be manufactured outside the UK and contribute to sustainability issues.

Cheap exercise books vs premium exercise books: The verdict

Considering bulk appeals to quantity more than quality and many UK schools face tight budgets, cheap exercise books appear like the ideal solution. However, a lack of quality can reflect badly on a pupil’s development while being mass-produced and manufactured cheaply from a non-EU country contributes negatively to sustainability.

So, if you don’t have the budget for the premium, maybe try and meet somewhere in the middle. You can still receive decent quality exercise books without paying too much on either side of what’s economical or sustainable.

Where to buy exercise books?

After establishing the budget and quality you desire for your exercise books, let’s explore where to find the best solutions for your school:

UK-based – Support British manufacturing
To ensure your bulk buy exercise book decision is supporting eco-friendly values, try to invest in something manufactured in the UK that involves less mass production and a smaller carbon footprint.

Online – Find the right brand before the book
If your school doesn’t use a local exercise book supplier or you’re searching online for a better solution, you may soon become overwhelmed with the options available.

From Google to Amazon and everything in between, where do you go to buy exercise books online without a guarantee of quality? While searching online can help you find the cheapest possible option, your search is limited to specific book types displayed in your search results.

Our advice? Instead of searching for the specific exercise book you require, whether an A4 KS1 Maths or KS2 Handwriting, search for a trusted and industry-leading brand.

By finding a credible provider, you should receive a range of exercise books in one place rather than scrolling through different versions of the same books provided by multiple suppliers.

Create a school account

Save yourself some time next academic year when purchasing exercise books by creating a school account with your chosen provider. This will allow you to return to the same efficient service where the quality and pricing are familiar, and you’re already satisfied with what you received.

Buy premium exercise books foe schools from the Exercise Book Company

At The Exercise Book Company, we pride ourselves on providing high-quality exercise books at an affordable cost. For years, we’ve been supplying primary and secondary schools up and down the country with a dynamic range of exercise books containing personalisation features and multiple colour options.

Our personalisation options enable your school to display your crest, emblem, subject, and even your student’s name on the cover!

Plus, as we manufacture all our products here in the UK, we ensure premium quality and a sustainable exercise book solution for your school.

So, if you’re interested in placing your exercise bulk book order with us, visit our website to create your school account and give us a call or message if you have any questions.

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